Exploring Infants and Toddlers


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Backyard Babies


Eye Adventures: Sensory Bottles for the Curious Child


Encouraging Sensory Exploration in Toddlers


How to Make a Sock Baby  Featured on NewsChannel 13 Live at Noon


Movement is Learning! Featured on NewsChannel 13 Live at Noon


Baby Talk...in 3-D


Let's Go! 10 Ways to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Potty Learning 


Wonderful Waterplay 


I Can Rock-A-Bye Myself 


The Sunny Side of Toddler Tantrums  


Taking Fear Out of Fire Drills  


Gentle Touch Means so Much  


Dance With Me  


TV + Small Fries = Adult Couch Potatoes 


Shopping Cart Safety 


Got Teeth? 


How to Make Fleece Balls 


Little Scientists 


It's Not Just Peek-a-Boo 


Opening Tiny Eyes to the World: Infant Vision Development


The Art of Hi & 'Bye: Separation Anxiety


8 Ways to Make 100% Juice Part of a Healthy Diet

Block Play With Infants


Block Play With Toddlers

Building Strong Relationships

Dynamic Diapering 

Early Literacy for Infants

Family Style Dining


Outdoor Play


Sensory Experiences with Infants


Signing With Babies


When Babies are Ready to Play

 Los Infantes Están Listos a Jugar Cuando

Choosing Books for Young Readers


Love, Learning, and Early Literacy




12 Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby


Baby Body-Building Basics


Let's Play Dress Up


Art for the Experience


Music and Movement





Exploring Children's Social-Emotional Wellness

Biting Behavior

Challenging Behavior and Your Classroom

Giving Children Choices

Handling Parent Complaints With Diplomacy

Healthy Lifestyles Lead to Healthy Bodies

Saying Goodbye to a Friend or Teacher

Shake Out Those Sillies



Exploring Early Literacy

Reading to Build Community


Exploring Children's Health and Wellness


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Spanish (.pdf) 

How to Start a Container Garden


10 Tips to Prepare for an Emergency


8 Food Safety Tips


7 Scrumptious Snacks


Asthma Prevention


Surviving the Sunny Season

10 Ways to Help Avoid the Flu

10 Maneras para Ayuda Evitar la Gripe (flu)

 9 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Juice


A Fresh Approach to Spring Cleaning

Mealtimes with Preschoolers

Experience the World From Your Kitchen Table



Exploring School-Age Children

10 Screen Free Activities

Behavior Management

Creating a Learning Environment

The Goal of Discipline

8 Ways to Create a Literacy Rich Environment