Four Helpful Hints When Selecting Child Care

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Communicate with the potential child care provider about parenting styles and your expectations of the child care facility. Write down questions in advance so nothing important is forgotten. Listening is also a part of communicating. Listen to what the provider is saying. Repeat and rephrase, in order to have a better understanding of what has been said.


Accreditation is a voluntary system by which programs measure themselves against a national set of standards. Going beyond minimum licensing standards, accredited programs make a commitment to excellence. Caregivers in accredited programs take part in on-going training. They are more likely to understand children’s needs at different ages, plan appropriate activities, interact with children in warm and stimulating ways, and provide positive guidance for children rather than harsh discipline. Click here to read more about program accreditation.


Read the contract thoroughly before enrolling. Be sure you understand payment agreements, health and nutrition policies, drop off and pick-up policies, rest periods, holidays, discipline, educational goals and general philosophies.


Evaluate the program. Visit the program at different times of the day. Use all five senses...look around to see if staff are actively engaged with the children. Does the site appear clean? Do the children sound happy?


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Contact the Capital District Child Care Council with any questions and speak to a Parent Educator by calling 518.426.7181, or emailing Tricia Howland.

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Referrals to Child Care Programs are not intended to serve as any type of recommendation. Parents are encouraged to visit several facilities before making a final child care arrangement. It may also be a good idea to ask the child care facility for references and to check them. Only parents can determine whether the quality of care is right for their child.


Any information that is provided to the Capital District Child Care Council is kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party without written permission. The Capital District Child Care Council is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of its consumers.


If you have any comments or concerns about the services you have received from a Parent Educator at the Capital District Child Care Council, please contact the Executive Director, Abbe Kovacik, at 518.426.7181 Ext. 323.


Contact the Capital District Child Care Council with any questions and speak to a Parent Educator by calling 518.426.7181, or emailing Tricia Howland at