Annual Meeting


We are changing the schedule of our Annual Meeting from every December, to every April. In 2015, the transition year for this change in our event schedule, we are hosting the "Semi-Annual Meeting & Celebration of Head Start's 50th Anniversary."

This event will take place on Wednesday, April 22 at 6pm. For more information and to RSVP click here.


The Capital District Child Care Council is committed to increasing the quality of child care in the area by providing resources to the community. Every Fall, the Child Care Council holds an annual membership meeting to review the Council's Report to the Community, a document that highlight's the agency's work for that year. Child care providers, parents, families, and community members are invited to attend.


The Annual Meeting also hosts the election of Council Board Members and Officers by members of the Council, and the presentation of both the Community Collaborator Who Cares Award, and the Dianne Meckler Scholarship.


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Community Collaborator Who Cares Award

2014: The Schenectady Public Library

2013: Family Child Care Association of New York State, Inc. Learn more about them at

2012: New York State Department of Health's Eat Well Play Hard Program

2011: Parson's Child and FamilyCenter

2010: Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region  

2009: Literacy NY of the Greater Capital Region  

2008: Albany Community Action Program (ACAP)  

2007:  United Way of the Greater Capital Region

2006: General Electric Global Research Center

2005: The Schenectady Foundation


Dianne Meckler Scholarship 

2014: To be announced at the Annual Meeting

2013: Kathleen Curtis, Miss Kathy's Family Child Care 

2012: Margaret Ramsey Boyle, Southern Saratoga YMCA

2011: Meredith, Janke, Pooh's Corner 

2010: Melissa Kasper, Colonie Youth Center 

2009: Sara Gambino, Seton Family Resource Center

2008: Deb Engel, Family Child Care Provider 

2007: Colleen Salisbury, This Little Piggy Went to Daycare 

2006: Lisa Gabriel, Sunshine Day Care Center

2005: Kim Siciliano, YWCA Children's Center